Students in the Environment and Sustainability program take the Introduction to Geographic Information Science (GEOB 270) and the Advanced Geographic Information Science (GEOB 370) courses. The applied skills that students gain in studying GIScience and using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in these courses are highly relevant to environmental issues and research such as environmental impact assessment, conducting multi-criteria evaluations, examining spatial clustering of event, implementing interpolation algorithms to model spatial phenomena, and creating maps to communicate analysis results to the public. Many students have created innovative GIScience projects for term projects. These term projects include individual, team, and sometimes entire class efforts to tackle questions and problems. Projects are available through the below links.


Class Projects

Agricultural Land Reserve Mapping

Website to be released in 2017:

This undergraduate class project for GEOB 270 Introduction to Geographic Information Science represents an attempt to implement open pedagogy ideas for achieving student learning outcomes in GIScience courses. The class project used open science principles and mostly open data to make a real contribution to informed debate around British Columbia’s Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). Teams of students conducted independent analyses of over twenty different subsections of the ALR to try to measure how much agricultural land is actually in the ALR and whether official estimates of agricultural land could be revised.  Their final reports and maps provide an open resource for people interested in BC’s agricultural lands. Team subsection data, aggregated provincial data, team reports, and an instructor data analysis are all available for download under Creative Commons licensing. The website provides a brief analysis of the actual results of the analyses conducting in the project, whether the learning outcomes were achieved, and what lessons learned can be taken away for instructors implementing such projects.

BC Agricultural Land Reserve

Team and Individual Projects

The below projects are listed in chronological order (going back to 2007). Many of the below projects are hosted on independent websites (so please let us know if you find a broken link).

Student Name Project Title
Aceto, Mariah Proposed Second Bridge for the City of Kelowna
Ang, Wendy
Xue, Weijian
Cost Analysis of Possible Sites for Fifth Incineration Plant in Singapore
Briggs, Ruth
Kiernan, Hayley
Can Southwest BC Eat Locally
Brocato, Jordan
Morton, Tyler
A Spatial Analysis of Violent Crime in the City of Toronto
Cadenhead, Sean
Jusupov, Timur
Pultz, Martin
Anthropomorphic Colonization of Planetary Bodies: Martian Surfaces
Carlson, Danika
Change, Valerie
Po, Franklin
Zombie Apocalypse In Metro Vancouver
Chauhan, Swinzle
Montauban, Cecilia
Mapping Permafrost Melt in Alaska
Cranston, Evelyn
Henry, Jessica
Mountain Pine Beetle in British Columbia
de Jong, Bianca Volcanic Hazard Map of Yellowstone National Park
Duong, Alex Immigration, income, and employment in GVRD
Eisma, Andrea Habitat Mapping in British Columbia:
A Multi-Criteria Analysis for Spatial Distribution Changes
Esterson, Reid S.O.S.–Save Our Slopes
Gallet, Camille Security Analysis in UBC, Vancouver
Gray, Rebecca Cultural Landscapes: Protection of Traditional Hunting and Trapping Areas in the Northwest Territories
Hawkins, Tyler Enbridge Salmon Economics
Hereld, Shoshana
McLaughlin, Sarah
​Habitat Suitability Model: Mountain Caribou in Southeasten British Columbia
Ho, Bonny
Wang, Annie
Characterizing Potential Urban Street Canyons in Downtown Vancouver
Jickling, Laura Understanding Obesity in the US
Kramer, Rachael Low Budget Mineral Exploration Targets in British Columbia, Canada
Lee, Michelle Predicting Anemia Severity Among Children in India
Lundsten, Tove Cycling Safety in the City
MacDonald, Joshua
Stevenson, Alice
Uduman, Aisha
Preparing for the “Big Daddy” of Earthquakes:
Vancouver’s 9.0 Megathrust
Martin, Emily Extending Vancouver’s Public Bike Share system: a GIS analysis
Mckinnon, Annabelle Growing Warmer: Agriculture in the Northwest Territories
Newton, Julia Snow Cover Detection {Methodology Using Landsat}
Pfiester, Laura United Guns: Where do crime guns come from, Where are they going, and How do they get there?
Prentice, Russell
Ry, Catherine
Sustainable Dam Sites in Northeastern BC
Schuler, Aaron Headwaters Management in British Columbia
Shopland, Christopher
Zhuang, Weipeng
Academic Achievement and Income
Wojnar, Peter Avalanche Forecasting in the Spearhead Range
Xin, Carter Locating Potential Bike-Share Stations in Vancouver
Zhang, Tony Solar Power Potential in Kamloops
Zhecheva, Lea Snowpack Modelling and Assessment
Student Name Project Title
Allain, Rene
Nave, Peter
Access Road to the Juneau Icefield​
Ashwood, Wesley Development of a Dynamic Avalanche Forecasting Model
Edward, Joshua
Kirk, Tiffany
Lal, Sejal
Housing Density and Property Values in Vancouver, BC
Zhang, Yunwei Waste Management Planning: Suitable Sites for a Waste-to-Energy Facility in GVRD
Aspinall, Kelly
Dick, Stephanie
The Northern Gateway Proposal
Miners, Melissa Land Use Impacts on Water Quality in the Fraser Valley
Foster, Jacob Navigating the Spearhead Traverse
Adderley, Jeremy
Lee, Martha
Nuclear Waste Routing
Albouyeh, Rokneddin Pilot Design For The Assessment Of Potential Leaf Area Density (PLAD)​ For The City Of Vancouver (East Side)
Ravensbergen, Sarah Resource Management in Jasper National Park
Fritz, Weston Landscaping: Marketing ​​Analysis
Browne, Cameron Duffey Lake Area Avalanche Hazard Map
Hitz, Chester Siting Solar Plants in the Lower Pacific Northwest
Gainer, Daniel Volcanic Hazard Map of Mount Rainier, Washington
Walton, David Exploring the Distribution of Wealth in Vancouver
Guo, Hannah
McLellan, Conor
Willyono, Elvia
Fire Hall Response Time Analysis in Seven Municipalities in the Greater Vancouver Regional District
Choy, Charlotte
Crothers, Tara
Developing and Designing a new Black Rhinoceros Conservancy in Laikipia, Kenya
Kessler, Anne
Marjoribanks, Iain
Safe Routes to School Network Analysis
Frederiksen, Jeppe Dalskov Potential Routes for a Motorway from Sakskoebing to Roedby in Denmark
Paul, Jason
Reich, Megan
MPB in West-Central Saskatchewan
D’souza, Hannah
Kuan, Lawrence
Ragan, Cassie
Risk Analysis of a Catastrophic Failure of The Barrier
Kozinsky, Martin Meeting Vancouver’s Needs Placement of Social Housing
Miller, Michael Edmonton Light Rail Transit Expansion: Identifying sites for Transit Oriented Development using GIS
Hsu, Nathanael
Schott, Rachel
Dark Sky Parks
Gray, Emily
Velasquez, Raquel
Site Location for a Community Health Centre in Metro Vancouver
Lau, Clement
Wat, Wan Lung
Greenest City: Vancouver Transit-Oriented Development Project
Student Name Project Title
Brown, Ian
Martin, S Taylor
Duffey Lake Road Landslide Model
Coulter, Leah Switchgrass Biofuel Crop Suitability Analysis: Manitoba, Canada
Crockett, Erin Tait
Van Dijk, Katherine
Primary production in the Strait of Georgia
Doolin, Jesse
Elisha, Leonard John
Lee, Caitlyn
Meisner, Thomas
Vancouver Emergency Disaster Response
Fan, Yisi
Phung Angela
Huang, Tzu-Ni
Flood Analysis of Central Alaska
Fawcett, Jade Louise
Sleigh, Diana
MacDonald, Matthew
Cycle Path Routes: Linking the Cities of Greater Vancouver
Gill, Japleen Kaur
Wong, Jing Xi
Potential Sites for an Environmental Summer Daycamp Within the Chilliwack Region
Hehn, Claudia
Madsen, Kristian
Lougheed, Rochelle Anne
Raoofi, Soheila
Independent Power Production in British Columbia
Helfenstein, Julian
Ratcliffe, Christine
Reid, Timothy
Rosen, Noah
Finding Potential Photovoltaic Power Sites in Tibet
Klopp, Lindsay Rae
Laing, Chelsea
Tarves, Michael David
Wetland Analysis of the Okanagan Basin for Viable Wetland Locations and Burrowing Owls Habitat
Lee, Nicole Potential Inland Distribution of Invasive Species in the Lake Michigan Basin
MacKenzie, Lucy A Spatial Assessment of the Proglacial Deposits of a Receding Alpine Glacier, Bridge Glacier, BC
Ngo, Victor Intensifying Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) in the City of Vancouver
Noble, Josh Keagan
Stocks, Allison
Landslide Risk Assessment for Vancouver island
Pisarek, Natalia
Vieweg, Alexandra
Sustainable Transporation: UBC Skytrain Line
Roberge, Laurent Geomorphic process domains in BC and Washington
Sueyoshi, Tyki Locating Healthy Environments in the GVRD
Thompson, Allison Resource Selection by African Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) in the Caprivi Strip, Namibia
Tsin, Pak Keung Potential Geothermal Power Plant Sites in BC
Wang, Jingqi Natural Resource Management For Purple Mountain
Yao, Jiayun Wildfire Smoke and Public Health in BC
Student Name Project Website
Jacqueline Armstrong
Eric Fontaine
Metro Vancouver tsunami risk
Simon Bager
Jeppe Kristensen
Mountain pine beetle suitable habitat modeling
Mike Bandy Discover downtown (Vancouver) by bike
Rebecca Beaton
Paris Hoghoughi
South Fraser Permimeter Road
Jordon Booth
Kelen Epp
Lauren Punt
William Bone
Felipe Castaneda
Nikola Tomasic
Northern Gateway Pipeline Analysis
Katie Britton What role does geography play? A look at Vancouver’s secondary schools
Damon Chan
Daniel Hawkins
Fast food Vancouver: A socioeconomic analysis
Tinashe Chatora Proposed Serengeti highway
Patrick Cheng Testing the proposed UBC rapid transit line
Jenna Clarke
Eli Heyman
Modelling the suitability for and spread of giant hogweed  (Heracleum mantegazzanium) in southern British Columbia
Natasha Cowie Proglacial fluvial development in the British Columbia Coast Mountains
Jennifer Gibson
Emily Walford
Visualizing civilian deaths in the iraq war
Manuela Hayn
Cassandra Paterson
Effects of runoff and landuse on water quality
Dale Low Predicting tree regeneration following a windstorm in Stanley Park
Aaron Cheng,
Ryan Lowe,
Tiffany Soh
Wind power British Columbia
Brandon McKay Analysis of polarization and clustering of income in Vancouver from 1991-2006
Thea Sellmann The east African Dik-dik: Home range satellite classification & resource use
Ari Shamas Backcountry skiing in southwestern British Columbia
Rongrong Wang Exploration of the land use regression model within a GIS context
Jason Wong False Creek: Water pollution and tidal movements
Monica Yau Westslope cutthroat trout: A ‘threatened’ species in Canada
Student Name Project Website
Julia Maddison Yukon Agriculture: In the context of global climate change
Hon Sang Chan CO2 emissions in the United States
Becca Chaster
Antony Kwok
Beverley Seow
Crime in Ottawa: An analysis of crime & public transit stations in Canada’s Capital City
Bunthai Chhun
Stephanie Chong
Yvonne Rae
Compost site in the greenest city
Francis Choi Modelling the potential destinations of Carcinus maenas in Vancouver
Sam Dueckman Tracking International Development
Caitriona Feeney
Lauren Taylor
Predictive Habitat Model for the Vancouver Island Marmot
Eric Fung
Adrian Ho
Cassandra Ashley
Affordable Housing in Vancouver
Elisa Hsieh
Chris Ley
Sokeye salmon distributions and climate change along the BC coast
Lester, Christine
Helena Weiner
Mie Winstrup
Suitable locations for vineyards in the central Okanagan
John Nesbitt Fire and topography
Amy Nicoll Riparian zone variability
O’shea, Erin
Solomon, Cody
Risk assessment of harmful algal blooms in coastal BC
Erich Schmitt Predictive modelling of Carlin trend gold deposits
Tyndall, Justin Locating incinerators in Vancouver
Wright, Sam Safe travel on the Spearhead traverse
Student Name Project Website
Adderley, Christopher
Thompson, Mary
Weatherley, Sian
Effusive Volcansim Near Quesnel
Anstee, Gavin
Lledo, Ryan
Wong, Ka Ho
Seattle Supersonics Stadium Proposal
Baldonado, Francis
Bale, Susan
Bartley, Devin
Invasive plant species and climate change in British Columbia
Boozarjomehri, Elham Analyzing Road Safety Programs in the EU
Burgess, Robert
Lewis, Brent
Effects of climate change on mean annual temperature and its possible effects on wildfire
Casey, Phillip
Greenius, Leigh
Kaufmann, Reid
Global Migration Analysis of Refugees and Economic Migrants
Chalmers, Christine
Grant, Laura
Rank, Nicole
Land Use Analysis of the Salmon River Watershed Over Time
Chou, Steve
Li, Chun Wing Ivy
Mcgregor, Dean
Crime and Weather in Vancouver
hristian, Paul Finding a Home for the National Portrait Gallery of Canada
Collins, Joshua
Reckermann, Julia
Robinson, Alena
Chinese Immigration in Vancouver: A Test of the Spatial Assimilation Theory
Dunn, William
Law, Kenneth
Aquatic Invasive Species
Harbut, Philip Bike paths in New York City
Harrower, Emma
Chavardes, Raphael
Predicting the Effect of Climate Change on BC’s Biogeoclimatic Zones
Iong, Sin
Lu, Richard Li
Wong, Dorothy
Chilli Effects — An Analysis of California Heat Islands
Kassam, Atifa
Kabahizi, Manu
Mocke, Zein
Read, Nicholas
A Study of Gentrification in Vancouver
Kebede, Adam
Hurd, Emilia
Bike and Bloom in the Month of June
Lamagna, Sarah
More, Michael
Analysis of Soil Characteristics on Grazed and Ungrazed Grassland Sites
Liang, Kelly Gentrification, Redevelopment and Ethnic Diversity in Yaletown, Vancouver
Oystensen, John
Beatty, Michael
Lau, Arnold
Construction Line for Highspeed Passenger Rail in the Lower Fraser Valley
Poon, Eric
Sou, Vitoria
Building a New Casino in Metro Vancouver
Robertson, Camille Cabin Search
Sun, Jianchen Traffic Collision Analysis for Vancouver